Fitech Fuel Injection

$ 749.00

Go Street EFI – 400 HP System 

The Game Changer has arrived from FiTech with its latest addition to the line of Go EFI Throttle Body EFI systems. FiTech recognizes that not everyone needs or has 600HP or a wild camshaft. There is a large group of enthusiasts who are happy with their ZZ4 crate engine or their ’69 Bronco’s factory engine, but still want the advantage that EFI has to deliver. Fitech has taken your needs into consideration and built an EFI designed just for that purpose.  We have installed many of these and have had great luck with them.  We recommend using a 23 gal EFI tank with this setup.

The Kit includes:

Die Cast Throttle Body
Handheld Controller
Windshield Mount
FiTech flow matched 62-lb injectors
Built-in pressure regulator
2.5 BAR Internal MAP Sensor
Throttle Position Sensor
Idle Air Control
Coolant Temp Sensor
Wide band O2 Sensor
O2 Bung Kit
-06AN Fuel Inlet Fitting
Gasket Kit